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#238 (+|-) (Rated: -53)
Jamie: lol all those days I used to pound the 3.5" floppy lol

#239 (+|-) (Rated: -45)
Jamie: I'd love to link up my 3.5" floppy with a computer, but the conductivity of my skin is not enough.

#240 (+|-) (Rated: -26)
Jamie: I hope they don't link up the 3.5" floppy lol. There will be no response
Jamie: Controller is knackered

#241 (+|-) (Rated: -14)
Ellie Wright: Is there a cow shortage that I'm unaware of?

#242 (+|-) (Rated: -18)
So, not only will Google know when I have been searching for porn on the internet, it will now also know how fast my hand has been moving immediately afterwards! 🤒🤒
Not that I ever look for porn on the internet of course....just asking for a friend!

#243 (+|-) (Rated: -16)
Jamie: Can I borrow your VR headset? Cos I would like to see what it's like to mount you virtually :P

#244 (+|-) (Rated: -9)
Craig: Hopefully this will work
Craig: Yeast... it worked
Craig: Well....almost.. lol
Craig: that was meant to be 'yay'

#245 (+|-) (Rated: -1)
Jamie: It is in realisation that the computer is actually more intelligent than me that I officially will take the base unit to any job interviews and let it do the hard work :)

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