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#262 (+|-) (Rated: -82)
Craig: Penises and veg?
Craig: 🤣
Jamie: oil
Jamie: no that was autocorrect lol

#263 (Rated: -95)
Jamie: Will you marry this Lenovo Laptop 😀
Craig: yep...lol
Jamie: I wonder how it would give the ring - perhaps 3D print it? lol
Jamie: With a printer linked by usb
"Will you take all they have - all 16Gb" 😮
Jamie: lol
Craig: dvd drive opens, and it's sitting on the tray😂
Jamie: "To hold and to cherish - to defragment every so often" lol
Jamie: lol
Craig: or.....the tray comes out, and becomes the ring
Jamie: That would be so "sweet" lol
Jamie: Or...
Jamie: the ring would be the weights in the mouse
Jamie: You just have to unlock the bottom
Craig: Mark Zuckerberg is currently thinking 'what the fuck are those 2 going on about?'

#264 (+|-) (Rated: -76)
Craig: there's someone on youtube who buys konkcoffs and reviews them
Craig: wtf????
Craig: *knockoffs

#265 (Rated: -43)
Craig: I tried relinking his ring
*I was talking about a ring doorbell account, but instead sounded a bit dirty*

#266 (Rated: -59)
Jamie: T last lol
Jamie: a
Jamie: lol
Jamie: I'm saluvotatong

#267 (+|-) (Rated: -18)
Jamie: but.. it was months after I looked that up by which time I already stopped and I'm not taking the tablets again in case it was the omezeopropofololol

#268 (+|-) (Rated: -25)
Craig: I took some zapain earlier
Craig: hasn't really made a difference though
Jamie: ah co cosmological
Jamie: wtf
Jamie: stipulated autocorrect

#269 (+|-) (Rated: -21)
Jamie: pooping in Tesco now lol
Jamie: popping😨

#270 (+|-) (Rated: -5)
Jamie: Cashpoint is being fixed by an engineer oiling the rollers
Jamie: I wish he would put the machine back together he's been rubbing a rod for ages

#271 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
Jamie: whilst my other hand is on other things it's hard

#272 (+|-) (Rated: -2)
Jamie: it teaxks you apparently
Jamie: telracks
Jamie: tracks!

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